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Interest Income

What is Interest Income?

Interest income is the consideration that Banks or Financial Institutions pay to the people who maintain their deposits with them. It is the amount...
Gold Futures

What are Gold Futures?

Lock in period

What is a Lock in period?

Bond Pricing

Bond Pricing Method


National Unified USSD Platform

What is National Unified USSD Platform NUUP?

National Unified USSD Platform brought about yet another revolution in the Banking industry. It will prove to be very beneficial for both the common...
IMPS Mobile Banking

What is IMPS? Mobile Banking technology and IMPS

IMPS is a system used for Mobile Banking in India. The acronym 'IMPS' stands for Interbank Mobile Payment Service. This system enables for instant...
Credit Card Merchant

Who is a Credit Card Merchant?


What is MPIN?


Points to check before Buying Car Insurance

Important Points to check before Buying Car Insurance

Points to check before Buying Car Insurance How a health insurance keeps you safe during emergencies is the same way a vehicle insurance works for...
Why everyone should take life insurance

Why everyone should take life insurance? Life Insurance for all

Why everyone should take life insurance? Lets first discuss who should not take life insurance. If you are a person who does not have any...


How Risky Is To Become An Angel Investor?

A high amount of risk is involved in angel investing, but the returns are higher compared to other investment fields. By becoming an Angel...
venture debt financing

What is Venture Debt Financing? Funds for Start-up

Venture Debt Financing “Venture Debt Financing” may not be as popular as to that of “Venture Capitalism” in terms of contrast in the business world....
Fund from Family and Friends for Start up

Raising Fund from Family and Friends for Start-up Venture

Boom of Start-up Ventures With many start–ups beginning in the hostel dormitory rooms, or in the garage or even in your own study room, every...


What is a Preference Stock? Know about Preference Shares

Preference Stock
Preference stocks or preference shares as they are also know are so called because they enjoy certain preferences in comparison with equity shares. Preferences Preference share...

What are Free Float Shares?

Free float shares
Free Float Shares, popularly known as public shares is that part of shares of a company that is open for the public investors to...


Who is not an NRI?

Who is not an NRI
Who is not a Non Resident Indian ? Who is not an NRI? Indians who go abroad for either of the following purposes Tourism Undertaking business...

Banking facilities for an NRI

Banking facilities for an NRI
A Non-Resident Indian NRI is a person who is an Indian citizen. But this person lives in a foreign country for the purpose of...