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Interest rate after Tax

What is Interest rate after Tax?

Interest rate after tax is calculated to get the true picture of the actual return from an investment after paying for all liabilities. It...



CDM Banking – How to deposit Cash in a CDM machine?

What is CDM? It was the last day to submit semester fees and the university wouldn’t accept cash. I had no balance in my account...

What is NEFT?

NEFT The National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) is a money transfer system that allows the customers to transfer money, electronically, from their accounts to other...


Industrial and Non Industrial Risk Policy

Industrial and Non Industrial Risk Policy

Industrial and Non Industrial risk policy This refers to the different types of risk in an insurance policy. Basically, the class of insured is different...
Why do we need Travel Insurance

Why do we need Travel Insurance?

Flight is Cancelled !! “Flight LX672 is delayed by 2hours!” Often we hear such kind of announcements in the airports which puts down our excitement,...


venture debt financing

What is Venture Debt Financing? Funds for Start-up

Venture Debt Financing “Venture Debt Financing” may not be as popular as to that of “Venture Capitalism” in terms of contrast in the business world....
Seed Capital

What is Seed Capital?

Seed Capital is the initial fund that is required to kick start a new business enterprise. These funds are rarely available from the formal...
Pros and Cons of Venture Debt

Pros and Cons of Venture Debt for Start-up Ventures

Pros and Cons of Venture Debt Start-Up would be an individual’s dream. But to make that dream come true, one need to know various sectors,...


What is Dividend?

Dividend Dividend is the rate of return expected by the shareholders on the share capital. Dividend is a taxable remittance payed to the shareholders out...

Risk of Investment in Shares

Risk of Investment in Shares
One of the popular forms of investment is the share market. You can achieve higher returns with share market. But share market is not...


What is NRO account?

NRO Account
NRO Account A Non Resident Ordinary (NRO) account is a current or a savings account which is managed in India by a Non Resident Indian...

Banking facilities for an NRI

Banking facilities for an NRI
A Non-Resident Indian NRI is a person who is an Indian citizen. But this person lives in a foreign country for the purpose of...