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What is Overseas Corporate Body

What is Overseas Corporate Body OCB? OCB Investment

What is Overseas Corporate Body OCB? Overseas corporate bodies refer to a company, partnership concern, trust or other corporate body located overseas but is owned...


Secured Loan and Unsecured Loan

Difference between Secured Loan and Unsecured Loan

What is Secured Loan and Unsecured Loan? Basically, loans are divided into two categories, secured loan and unsecured loan. Loans which are to be issued...
fund transfer

Fund Transfer

What does Fund Transfer mean? Fund transfer refers to transferring of money from your registered current or savings bank account to any other account. Transferring...


Lifetime renewal of Health Insurance

What exactly is Lifetime renewal of Health Insurance?

Getting your Health Insurance Renewed for Life Long We all work hard and earn money to have a healthy and happy life without any health...
life insurance type

What is shop insurance?

Importance Of Shop Insurance As the name suggests, shop insurance is aimed in meeting the future needs of shopkeepers. The insurance requirements of shopkeepers can be...
Insurance Cash Settlement

Insurance Cash Settlement

Reinstatement Policy

What is Reinstatement Policy?


Micro Loans

What are Micro Loans?

In layman’s language, micro loans are loans of smaller amount, which are generally used for helping small businesses grow or expand. It is due...
Fund from Family and Friends for Start up

Raising Fund from Family and Friends for Start-up Venture

Boom of Start-up Ventures With many start–ups beginning in the hostel dormitory rooms, or in the garage or even in your own study room, every...
Micro loan for Start-up

How to Secure a Micro loan for Start-up business?

Micro loan for start-up business Want to be an entrepreneur like many others. Here is a good opportunity to realize your ambition.  Many entrepreneurs have...


Risk of Investment in Shares

Risk of Investment in Shares
One of the popular forms of investment is the share market. You can achieve higher returns with share market. But share market is not...

What is a Preference Stock? Know about Preference Shares

Preference Stock
Preference stocks or preference shares as they are also know are so called because they enjoy certain preferences in comparison with equity shares. Preferences Preference share...


What is FCNR Account?

FCNR Account
FCNR Account For all the Non Resident Indians, who are eager to invest in India without the risks associated with currency rate fluctuations, a Foreign...

Home Loan for NRI – How to Apply?

Home Loan for NRI
Understanding More on Home Loan for NRI The non-resident Indians (NRIs) are interested in purchasing real estate property in India for two reasons - strong currency...