How Risky Is To Become An Angel Investor?

A high amount of risk is involved in angel investing, but the returns are higher compared to other investment fields. By becoming an Angel...


What is net banking? Basics of net banking

What is net banking? Basics of net banking

Net banking is a useful facility provided by the banks to its customers. It helps the customers to carry out banking activities such as...

CDM Banking – How to deposit Cash in a CDM machine?

What is CDM? It was the last day to submit semester fees and the university wouldn’t accept cash. I had no balance in my account...


Student Travel Insurance

Overseas Individual Student Travel Insurance

Student Travel Insurance Sending your child abroad for higher studies? Lots of planning to do. Keeping up with the visa department, completion of college formalities,...
Indemnity based Health Plans

Indemnity based Health Plans

Indemnity based Health Plans are a type of health insurance that provides the insured the freedom to avail medical facilities from any doctor or...


Venture Capitalist

How to Become Venture Capitalist?

Venture Capitalist is someone who creates a fund using third party finances and invest them in the new company. Third party includes wealthy individuals, companies, pension funds, etc. that have money and wish to...
Get Venture Capital Funds

How to Get Venture Capital Funds for Start-ups?

Get Venture Capital Funds Getting finance from Venture capitalists for your start-up is one of the major hurdle for entrepreneurs. In-fact, apart from funds, you will also get the knowledge and expert guidance from these...
Growth Capital

What is Growth Capital?

Growth Capital is a equity investment  which is used by big companies to expand their business. Here the investments comes from private equities either within in the company or from outside. The success of every...


What is a Preference Stock? Know about Preference Shares

Preference Stock
Preference stocks or preference shares as they are also know are so called because they enjoy certain preferences in comparison with equity shares. Preferences Preference share...

Importance of Stop Loss in Share Trading

Stop Loss
A Stop Loss order is a damage limitation strategy. The order pre-determines the price at which a financial instrument will be disposed off, to...


What is NRO account?

NRO Account
NRO Account A Non Resident Ordinary (NRO) account is a current or a savings account which is managed in India by a Non Resident Indian...

Banking facilities for an NRI

Banking facilities for an NRI
A Non-Resident Indian NRI is a person who is an Indian citizen. But this person lives in a foreign country for the purpose of...