Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Buy and Hold Investment Strategy

What is Buy and Hold Investment Strategy?

Buy and Hold Investment Strategy This is a passive strategy that you must have heard about. Whenever an investor buys and holds a share for...


Net banking

How does Net Banking work? Internet Banking for Everyone

Net banking works in a systematic and easy way for the bank customer. You need to understand the basic steps in net banking to...
IMPS vs NEFT – Which one is better?

IMPS vs NEFT – Which one is better?

IMPS vs NEFT IMPS stands for Immediate Payment Service and NEFT stands for National Electronic Funds Transfer. Both these services assist in transferring money within...


claim car insurance

How many times can I claim car insurance?

Claim Car Insurance Car insurance is to be utilized when our car encounter any accidents, but is there any limit to the number of times...

What is Depreciation?

Depreciation Depreciation refers to the reduction in value of an asset with age. This is applicable for such assets the value of which reduces over...


Micro loan for Start-up

How to Secure a Micro loan for Start-up business?

Micro loan for start-up business Want to be an entrepreneur like many others. Here is a good opportunity to realize your ambition.  Many entrepreneurs have...

Top Fundraising Ideas For Entrepreneurs

Fundraising Ideas For Entrepreneurs As fancy as it may sound to be known as an entrepreneur, fundraising is the total opposite of fancy that every...
Fund from Family and Friends for Start up

Raising Fund from Family and Friends for Start-up Venture

Boom of Start-up Ventures With many start–ups beginning in the hostel dormitory rooms, or in the garage or even in your own study room, every...


Difference between Hedging and Speculation

Hedging and Speculation
Know more on Hedging and Speculation When an investor enters the share market, he does so with specific motive in mind. All of them want to make...

How to Pick Profitable Stocks?

Pick Profitable Stocks
Stock selection In Indian Stock market, a disciplined stock selection strategy is very are important for an investor to grow his personal wealth drastically. Investors...


Banking facilities for an NRI

Banking facilities for an NRI
A Non-Resident Indian NRI is a person who is an Indian citizen. But this person lives in a foreign country for the purpose of...

What is NRO account?

NRO Account
NRO Account A Non Resident Ordinary (NRO) account is a current or a savings account which is managed in India by a Non Resident Indian...