phone is lost or stolen

Mobile banking – What happens if Phone is Lost or Stolen?

Mobile banking is convenient and easy way of performing banking transactions. You can use your mobile phone to carry out banking transactions. But if...

What is MPIN?

MPIN (Mobile banking Personal Identification Number) MPIN stands for mobile banking personal identification number. This pin is required to do IMPS (instant interbank electronic transfer done...


health insurance for the aged

How to get health insurance for the aged?

Health Insurance for the Aged Insurance coverage is vital for senior citizens who are no longer employed but rely on their pension and the interest...
Portability in Insurance

What is Portability in Insurance?

Portability simply refers to the facility of transferring a health insurance policy from one insurance company to another. This concept was introduced by IRDA...


Fund from Family and Friends for Start up

Raising Fund from Family and Friends for Start-up Venture

Boom of Start-up Ventures With many start–ups beginning in the hostel dormitory rooms, or in the garage or even in your own study room, every start–up requires some sort of funding to take shape in...
Convertible Note

What is a Convertible Note?

A convertible note is a method used by a startup company for their investments. A startup company may not be able to sell their shares in the stock market, during the early stages. So...
Start Up Equity

What is Start Up Equity?

Start Up Equity is the funds that are required by a business enterprise for meeting its initial expenses for starting a business. These early costs are typically spent on intangibles and, therefore, bank finance...


What are Small Cap Funds?

Small Cap Funds
Small Cap Funds are those that invest in the shares of smaller companies. The term ‘cap’ is an abridged form of the word ‘capitalisation’...

Intraday One Minute Historical Data Free Download

Intraday Data
List of NSE / BSE index and Equities with Intraday One Minute data Click on the link below to download the free Historical one minute...


Who is a NRI?

Who is a NRI
Who is a NRI? An Indian citizen who stays abroad for employment/carrying on business or vocation outside India or stays abroad under circumstances indicating an...

What is Overseas Corporate Body OCB? OCB Investment

What is Overseas Corporate Body
What is Overseas Corporate Body OCB? Overseas corporate bodies refer to a company, partnership concern, trust or other corporate body located overseas but is owned...