Monday, August 21, 2017


Bond and Debenture

Difference between bond and debenture

Understanding bond and debenture Though bond and debenture both are debt instruments, there is considerable difference between these two investment options. Their difference can be highlighted...


Online Transaction

What is an Online Transaction?

In today’s commercial era, no one wants to waste time by standing in never ending queues at a bank branch. The facility of online...
ATM Banking

Beware of ATM Thief – Methods to Protect your ATM Banking

ATM or Automated Teller Machine is a revolution in the world of banking. ATM banking offers the customers with convenient and efficient self-service banking...

What is MMID?


Insurance expense

What is Insurance Expense?

Insurance expense in Business Insurance expense is defined as the cost of insurance that has been incurred, has expired or has been used up during...
Term Insurance Policy

What is Term Insurance Policy? Know more about Term Insurance

Term Insurance Policy is an Insurance that provides for life cover for a fixed period of time at a fixed rate of premiums. And...


Convertible Debt

What is a Convertible Debt?

Convertible Debt Convertible Debt is a short term debt that is owned by the company, which can be converted into share values at any desired time....
Venture Capitalist

How to Become Venture Capitalist?

Venture Capitalist is someone who creates a fund using third party finances and invest them in the new company. Third party includes wealthy individuals,...
Peer To Peer Lending

What is peer to peer lending? Another source for Start-up funding

Know More On Peer To Peer Lending The most popular and the most preferred way of getting a loan is through a bank. A ‘bank loan’...


What is Equity Stake?

Equity Stake
In layman language, equity stake refers to the stake of an individual or an institution in the equity of an organization.  Shareholders having a...

Importance of Stop Loss in Share Trading

Stop Loss
A Stop Loss order is a damage limitation strategy. The order pre-determines the price at which a financial instrument will be disposed off, to...


Oil Price Impact on Gulf NRIs and Kerala’s economy

Oil Price Impact on Gulf NRIs
Expatriate Non-Resident Indians (NRI) based in the United States of America (USA) and Europe are usually the cynosure of attention in their mother country....

What is Non Repatriable?

Non Repatriable
The meaning of the word-‘repatriate’ means -to send back to home. Repatriation , basically refers to the process of returning a person back to one’s...