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Why is internet banking safe? Safe Net Banking

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Is Internet Banking Safe?

It is absolutely true that internet banking is advantageous. People avoid using net banking worrying about its safety and security issues. But internet banking is also safe and secure. One must follow the instructions properly to implement safe internet banking.

Let us understand this concept through situations and instructions to be followed. Hackers try to acquire your confidential information and misuse it to maximum extent. Hence, you are advised to practice internet banking in a safe manner.

Logging into the bank account

Generally, we access a website by typing the URL address. But you may receive phishing mails containing links of the bank’s website and may request you login in that website. It is not at all safe to do this. You must never entertain phishing mails or reply to mails and messages asking for your confidential information such as debit card PIN, customer code number, password, etc. You can bookmark the bank’s official website and access through it for quick login.

Another issue relates to online shopping. People prefer to pay via internet banking on shopping portals. Some of the portals are popular as well as secure with respect to internet banking. But one must always make sure the authenticity and reliability of the website. If the website is new and you have liked certain item, then do not pay through internet banking and ask for cash on delivery option instead. Some of the shopping websites may contain hacking materials to get access to your net banking information.

User name and password – Nothing confidential like these details

Your username and password is sensitive like your personal life details. Hence, you must never write these down on paper or notebook, store on phone, or even mail to someone.

Observe the place from where you are logging your internet bank account

This is also an important safety concern regarding internet banking. It is advisable to access your bank account online from home and not from any other places. If you are accessing your bank account from your place of work, then please note that the information gets stored in the logs. Someone can access your logs without your knowledge. If you are connecting to internet banking through wireless network, then you must always secure your connection with WPA. The wireless router can be accessed by any person available in the network. Need not to say that you must never access your bank account from your friend’s place or from any internet cafes. Even if it an emergency, do not access from public places.

Is your computer safe?

The safety of internet banking is related to the safety of your computer. Your personal computer or laptop must be protected with necessary devices.

Password – Your key to safety

Banks remind you with instructions regarding passwords such as not writing it down, selecting certain characters, not sharing with anyone, etc. Your password must be easy to remember for you but not easy to guess for any other person.

Thus, internet banking is safe if you follow specified instructions carefully. If you do not, then internet banking is not a safe game.

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  1. Net Banking has improved a lot since it launch in 90’s. Now most of the loop holes have been closed out by now. Since your mobile phones are linked to your Bank accounts any transaction done thru net banking is immediately alerted to the customer. So your mobile phone shall be always with you, since it can be utilized for approving unauthorised transactions. Awareness and knowledge about net banking will surely help everyone to access net banking facilities.

  2. Internet has become popular as a search engine or a solution to our qurries. But when it comes to net banking , it still has to go a long way. This is so because of the many hurdles that needs to be overcome. First of all a majority of our population is not computer savy. Then the hacking problem which tries to stir the confidence of the common man. Plus all the technical problems like logging, password safety. If we overcome all these problems net banking will surely be a boon.


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