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Who are Credit Card Issuers?

Credit Card Issuers

Credit Card Issuers

A credit card is a convenient way of borrowing funds in order to make purchases. Credit cards allows you to make payments on credit basis. There are a number of banks and other financial institutions that provide credit card facility. These banks and financial institutions are known as Credit Card Issuers.

Who pays for your Purchases?

Ever wondered, while paying through your credit card, who pays the money to the merchant? The Bank who issues you the credit card is responsible for sending payments for the purchases made by the card holder. The credit limit on each Credit card is  is decided by the card issuer. The Credit Card Issuer is also known as member bank.

Issuer’s Name on Credit Card

The name of the Credit Card Issuer is usually mentioned on the top of the credit card. In case of a private label credit card, the name of the issuer is mentioned on the back side of the credit card.

Role of MasterCard and Visa

The Credit Card Issuers partner with payment processing networks such as MasterCard and Visa, as the credit cards needs to be processed for online payment or at Merchant outlets. This payment processing network is maintained all over the world by Major companies like MasterCard and VisaCard. The card number, card holder’s address and other security details are maintained by the payment processor companies.

Choosing the right Credit Card Issuer

It is important to know your pay-back ability before you contact a Credit Card Issuer. You can choose from a variety of Credit Card Issuers and schemes but choose the right issuer only after proper research.

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