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What is Planned Hospitalisation?

Planned Hospitalisation

Planned Hospitalisation

Health Insurance Awareness

Health Insurance is new in our country and though there is a rising demand for health insurance and people are understanding the importance of availing health insurance, the truth is that most of the people who have insured themselves doesn’t have a full understanding of the product. This leaves them with less choices and also they are unable to extract the most out of the premium paid by them. At times, their claims are rejected as they dont follow all the rules and procedures that they need to follow to get their claims reimbursed.

Emergency and Planned Hospitalisation

For medical purpose, one is faced with two situations. One is that you have faced an emergency and you rush to the hospital for treatment and another situation is that when you are aware that after few days , you need to avail medical treatment. The latter situation is termed as Planned Hospitalisation.

Informing in Advance

When you come to know that you will have to be admitted for medical treatment after few days, it is your duty to inform the insurance company or the third party administrator (TPA). The form is available with the TPA, in the company’s website and it is also attached with the policy document. You need to quote the intimation reference and also inform the tentative cost.¬† Its always good to be aware of the facilities you can avail.

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  1. I’ve never really considered this before, because I always associated hospitals with emergencies. But I guess there are certain needs for scheduling surgery or treatments that you know about for days, weeks or months in advance.
    I hope this never happens to me, but it would happen as age gets higher and higher. Another reason to make sure I have the best health insurance policy I can get.

  2. Planned hospitalisation is usually for surgery or deliveries. The insurance company has to be informed about the hospitalization in advance or some forms have to be submitted to the company prior to hospitaliztion. The amount will reimbursed before or after depends on the contract made in the policy.


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