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What is Network Hospital for Health Insurance?

Network Hospital

Network Hospital

While we opt for a health insurance we would definitely spend some time looking into the brochure for the listed Network hospitals, where we can get cashless hospitalisation and treatment.

A Hospital which is not included in the Network Hospital list can still be approached by the patient and later on claim for Health insurance claim reimbursement.

All Insurance companies appoint a TPA (Third party administrator) to deal with the hospitals for processing Health insurance related matters. The chain of hospitals that are linked with TPA where we can claim our health insurance is called the Network hospital to the TPA. Generally various TPA’s have a tie up with many leading hospitals, for the easy and faster claim of health insurance. The reimbursement payment or cashless facility that we receive from the insurance company will have to be based on the ailment report and the cost incurred to the hospital for providing treatment to us.


An insurance claim cannot be done in a hospital not listed under the network of the TPA. So while choosing a health insurance it is equally important to look into the network of hospitals that are linked to the TPA appointed by the insurance company.


Also, our health insurance can be claimed for specialized treatments for heart, kidney, etc. Each plan is different. There are also plans that offer preventive covers like hospital visits, claim over a test that is taken at the hospital or even for our prescribed drugs. But each one of these plans will be available only in the hospital that comes under the network of our insurance company.

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  1. I really don’t like this idea. When an emergency happens, we are not always near the hospital that our insurer wants us to visit. Then there is so much hassle to file a claim and be covered. I think it is irresponsible for insurance companies to do this – it increases your worry when going to the hospital, when you are probably worried enough in the first place.


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