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What is MPIN?


MPIN (Mobile banking Personal Identification Number)

MPIN stands for mobile banking personal identification number. This pin is required to do IMPS (instant interbank electronic transfer done through mobile phones). IMPS allows its customers to use mobile instruments for accessing bank accounts and remitting funds there from in a secured manner with immediate confirmation features.

MPIN consists of a 4-digit code, this is used for authentication of all IMPS transactions while doing transactions on National Unified USSD Platform (NUUP)

Your mobile number shall be registered for mobile banking services to get MPIN.

Where can I get MPIN?

On registration for IMPS the bank issues its customers a seven digit code which is the MMID and a 4-digit password which is the MPIN for doing fund transfer through mobile phones. MPIN has to be produced for mobile banking.

Protect your MPIN

The customers are requested to protect their M-pin for safety purposes. Please ensure that the MPIN is not in a clear text any where in the network or system. For any reason the customer wants to change the M-PIN, he/she can either contact the bank or most of the bank will have the ‘change M-pin’ option in the mobile banking.

Can I Make my ATM pin and Mobile Banking Pin same number?

For security reasons, do not make your ATM PIN and M-PIN same number. This may lead to losing your whole balance amount.

What happens if I forget my M-PIN?

You can re-generate a new M-PIN number using generate M-PIN procedures. Every bank has their own procedures to generate their M-PIN. It can be done from the mobile app itself.

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  1. I was the happiest when I found out that mobile banking has come into existence.From then onwards I have tried to learn each and every mobile banking term for my own good.Well, about MPIN, this artcle almost tell us everything and with great explanations.

  2. Just like a PIN for an ATM card, your MPIN: Must. Be. Protected.
    There are so many fraudsters, and they often operate through internet banking and mobile banking these days. It is so convenient, and so private (we can do in our own home) that we have to be sure to protect ourselves even more vigilantly. Especially on mobile phones, where we can have key stroke trojan viruses on our software and not even know about it.

  3. Mobile banking PIN is the most convenient method of banking by saving not only on time and energy but also making the service more efficient and reliable. If the M- pin is lost or forgotton there is an easy option of change the pin or to contact the bank.

  4. As much as modern technology helps us with everyday errands, it may also be quite vulnerable to some serious fraudulent behaviour. Therefore, a great deal of protection is in order. Carefully chosen mpin for your mobile e-banking is the first and the biggest barrier for uninvited individuals to disturb your peace of mind.


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