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What is MMID?


MMID (Mobile Money Identifier)

MMID stands for Mobile Money Identifier. It is a seven digit code issued by the bank to its customer on registration for IMPS (instant interbank electronic transfer done through mobile phones). MMID is unique for each bank account. In MMID, the first 4 digits is used to identify the Bank which offers the Mobile Banking facility IMPS.

The Remitter (a user who wants to send money) and the Beneficiary (a user who wants to receive money) should have the MMID to do inter-bank funds transfer using mobile banking. MM-ID is like a Bank account number, which the sender needs to enter together with the mobile number of the Beneficiary to send money using IMPS.

MMID is issued only to the registered mobiles linked with your Bank account for which the Mobile Banking is enabled.

Why do I need MMID?

To do mobile banking it is necessary for the remitter as well as the beneficiary to have MMID provided by the bank. This helps to make the fund transfer safe and secure.

If the customer has more than one account the customer can have different MMID’s for his/her different accounts which are linked to the same mobile number. The MMID will be different for different accounts of the account holder.

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