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What are the benefits of net banking? Use of Internet Banking

Net banking

Net banking is an interface developed by banks for customers. With net banking, customers can carry out banking transactions smoothly and efficiently. The banking products such as fixed deposits and recurring deposits are also provided through net banking.

If you have a laptop and an internet connection, then you can avail the benefits of net banking. Just apply for net banking facility to your bank where you have an account. The bank will provide you with username and password. Access the bank’s official website from your personal computer or laptop, and enter the account details supplied by the bank. Just follow simple steps and don’t forget to change your password immediately. Now, you are the proud online bank account holder! Let us now enlist the benefits of net banking in detail.

Banking transactions

Banks provide online banking services to its customers. You can carry out core financial transactions such as getting your latest account balance, funds transfer, applying for a loan or payment of utility bills. You can also perform non-financial transactions such as requesting a cheque book, and updating your contact details. You may also request for stop payment of a particular cheque.

Simple and comprehensive

The process of opening and maintaining an online bank account is easy to follow. You just need to be a computer literate. You must follow the steps given by banks and operate the account. But for safety purpose, you must be attentive while carrying out the transactions and implement security measures.


For carrying out a particular transaction, you need to wait for the next working day or the next morning so that the bank would open. You can transfer funds anytime even at midnight if someone is having an emergency. Similarly, you can pay your phone bill even on public holidays and Sundays. You must have a good internet connection for all these purposes.

Net banking – for savings – for investing – for transacting

We utilize banking services for various purposes such as savings, transacting and investing. So, banks have provided a range of these financial services for its customers by online means. Net banking helps you to manage your savings. You can view your account balance on regular basis to understand how many transactions are carried out, how much savings do you have, how much interest you have earned, how much expenses do you have, how many withdrawals you do in a month, and so on.

Net banking also gives you opportunities to invest your money in the form of fixed deposits, recurring deposits and other bank schemes. It sends you reminders about the different and beneficial schemes offered by the banks. You can surely take advantage of these investment schemes.

As discussed earlier, banks provide online services for its customers like transferring funds or payment of utility bills. You need not stand in a queue for paying your electricity bill anymore. You can pay your Power bills, water bill, and other bills through net banking.

Net banking provides you to do online shopping. You can shop from the various sites and buy good quality products with good discounts through the net banking facility.

Conclusively, the benefits of net banking are numerous. One needs to gain knowledge about these benefits and the overall process.

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  1. An internet/online banking account is easy to create and to operate. The features may differ from bank to bank. the article has explained the benefits of internet banking really well. Being a regular user of internet banking services, the feature is like the most is that I can keep a check on my account balance as well as transactions all the time. Hence, it becomes really easy to make out if there is any sort of a fraud or discrepancy.

  2. The internet has changed our world just like oxygen and water people need Internet.You can use internet in many ways,One of the main benefit from the internet is NET BANKING.one who knows about net banking he/she can lead their banking needs without any tension and also saves the energy!

  3. SO many options, and it’s always open… internet banking is really the way of the future. There are so few examples of why you need to go to a bank in person these days, when you can get everything you need on your own computer in the comfort of home.
    Pay your bills, transfer funds, look at your interest rates… anything can be done while you’re at home in your pajamas! It may seem lazy, but if you work full time you don’t have the option to just go to the bank any time.

  4. Internet banking is a boon. Especially nowadays when more and more people don’t have time to stand in queues in banks to get work done. Paying of bills and online shopping is just a click away. You can keep tab on your account as and when you want. Emergency transferring of funds is a welcome relief. The only point to remember is to keep your account secure. Passwords, etc. should be handled with care. Nice article, Ankita.

  5. Net banking is surely a boon to the layman. The long unending que, waiting for long hours all ends up with net banking. Net banking with its many advantages also teaches the common man to become net savvy. The comfort and ease net banking provides if used with a little caution is all that is needed in the long run.


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