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Understanding Group Personel Accident Insurance

Group Personel Accident Insurance

This morning you came to know that one of your employee was going by car to attend a meeting and met with an accident. He’s heavily injured and not fit to work for months. The first thing you will have to care about is any compensation payment you are liable to make. And if the same employee appears to be a key employee, the business loss that you’ll occur is beyond estimation.

Group Personel Accident Insurance

A Group Personal Accident Cover is designed to provide you relief from such a financial stroke. This not only covers the bills an employer has to pay in case of any accidental situation arising financial demand but also make employees feel valued.

As an employee benefit plan, a Group Personal Accident Cover provides a buffer against accident driven financial losses. No company can deny that at one or another point of time, they have witnessed employees getting indulged in some life threatening mishap and company has to pay for it. Also, data reveals that with advancement in auto mobile industry, the number of motor accidents has increased. Thus such a cover is very essential for firms to appear more financial strong.


  • Disability cover– provisions for permanent total disability and temporary total disability reimbursements make this cover very useful. Had your employee met with an accident and loses his working ability, the cover provides him with weekly injury benefits or other applicable benefits.
  • Accidental death cover– if injury caused by the accident leads to the death, full accidental death benefits are paid by the insurance company.
  • Accident medical expenses reimbursement– this cover pays for all the OPD and inpatient expenses for the treatment of any accidental injury.
  • Funeral cover– the cost of funeral is also included in most Group Personal Accident Cover if the death is caused by external means.
  • Miscarriage cover– additional benefits are paid if the employee faces miscarriage following the accident.
  • Recruitment expense cover– if accidental mishap to the employee puts additional recruitment expenses on the employer, the cover reimburse those expenses also.

Not only does this cover insure the employee but also their dependent spouse and children. The biggest responsibility of any parent is to give education to the children and this cover pays for the school fees as a benefit to the family of the deceases employee.

These policies now days provide inclusion of riders also. The cover can be provided for 24 hours a day and the same cover can be opted for only business hours which reduces the premium. If you are an employer who has to send the employees for foreign training or business trips, don’t worry. This cover is provided worldwide too by many insurers.

Thus, make this cover shine one the top of your employee benefit schemes. Relieve yourself from tension of such financial losses and make your employees feel valued and tension free.

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Shubham Mishra is an Actuarial Analyst at Mercer Consulting Services India Ltd. Being an actuarial science graduate, he has a very deep knowledge about each and every aspect of insurance market. He has published a few research papers on insurance topics in the magazines of reputed insurance institutions.


  1. Great to know employees are covered outside the workplace for work-related duties, but that there are specific claims a woman can make. It’s about time women were covered for their individual needs that are different to a man’s. The risk of miscarriage is increased a lot by certain accidents and activities in the workplace. While the risk should be identified and reduced as soon as the woman falls pregnant, some accidents are unavoidable.

  2. Not many employers would like to indulge in such insurance for their employees. But then its high time to not only think about their personal gains but also the secruity of the employee. So this is not only good move but also provide the much needed protection from the many uncertainties of the job to the employee.

  3. Employees should always be treated like an asset for the company but not a slave. Many companies provide such medical insurance to their employees not only to cover the expenses and losses of their own but also to give financial security to their employees too in such a needy situation.


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