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Types of Travel Insurances

Types of Travel Insurances

Decision making does not stop at having decided to have a travel insurance for your trip. The hardest part of decision making comes at the time of having to make a right choice on the type of travel insurance. There are details of it on all of the financial institutions offering a travel insurance but it only leads to you bigger confusions. Here are the details to help you with your understanding of the types to make the right choice.


  • Package
  • Travel Medical
  • Evacuation
  • Travel Accident
  • Annual

Let us now look at each one of the above.


This is the most common type of travel insurance that is opted for by the majority of people. This is also known by many other names, some of which are Vacation Insurance, Comprehensive Travel Insurance, Trip Insurance. This type of travel insurance covers most of the things such as lost baggage, medical emergencies, theft and more. Also, this is the only type of travel insurance that covers trip cancellation. This type of travel insurance is ideal for family vacations, cruises and anybody who runs a risk of losing money due to a cancelled trip.

Travel Medical

This type of travel insurance is suitable when you are outside of your home country in need of emergency medical cover. Some of the other names for this type of travel insurance are International Medical Insurance, International Travel Insurance, Travel Health Insurance.

Along with most of the Travel Medical plans come evacuation coverage too for better recovery of the concerned person. This type of travel insurance is ideal for long vacations abroad, overseas education trips.


This type of travel insurance specializes in the evacuation of the concerned person due to medical or security emergencies. Security emergencies are rising due to political unrest in many countries across the world. This type of travel insurance is ideal for people travelling to remote parts of the world.

Travel Accident

This is a plan to cover for accidental deaths while the insured person is travelling. It mainly deals with Accidental Death and Dismemberment. This type of travel insurance is ideal for frequent travelers.


As the name suggests, this type of travel insurance is for all the trips that happen over a span of one year. All your travel insurance needs will be taken care for an entire year with this plan.


While there are tailor made travel insurances for various needs, making a choice becomes so much more laborious. Having a brief idea about what is what will help you make quick decisions which can be time saving. Travel insurances are only going to get customized from here on which will leave the travelers with so much more choices than ever before. It eventually comes down to you having clarity on what kind of trip that you are making and what is the top factor to look out for.

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  1. Insurances.Man! A must-have for travelers and backpackers.And well if you are in foreign location,they actually get to assist you in a very favorable way if you have a travel insurance and related documents or else get ready to get lost in the foreign location,language,their security or even worse, all the three.

  2. This is another interesting Insurance that normal people are unaware of. This insurance might help thousands of Indians as we always prefer travelling as a means of relief and for professional visits as well. I couldn’t even guess that there is this much variants of travel insurances. This is an amazing insurance policy, Thanks author for choosing this write!

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