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Third party vs Full Cover Car Insurance

Third party vs Full Cover

Most Common Question : Third party vs Full Cover

Opting for a car insurance is not a tough decision and you have tons of insurance providers who would come to you to get the job done. But choosing the type of insurance for your car, can be a troublesome affair which requires a lot of thinking, analysis and research on the part of the insured. So among Third Party liability insurance and Comprehensive Full Cover Car Insurance, which one should you choose? Find the winner Third party vs Full Cover

Third Party Car Insurance

Third party car insurance is compulsory or rather mandatory, when you decide on taking a vehicle insurance. This insurance covers any liability for death, damage or bodily injury inflicted on a third party because of an accident which is truly your fault or the fault of the driver driving your vehicle.Third party car insurance will not cover your injuries or your vehicle because of the accident caused by you or the driver of your vehicle.The insurance will cover pedestrians, passengers of all vehicles that was involved in the accidents, cyclists, damage caused to a third party property etc.

You can get your car repaired at a low cost and is more cheaper compared to the high premium you have to spend for comprehensive full cover car insurance.

How to Select Car Insurance provider?

Comprehensive Full Cover Car Insurance

Comprehensive full car insurance covers damage caused to the third party vehicle as well as your vehicle as well as additional damages caused to the passengers in both the vehicles. Your vehicle will also be covered against any damage caused by theft, fire, natural calamities and other unforeseen perils.

This kind of insurance is more expensive and involves higher premiums as it covers a wider range of damages compared to third party car insurance, but your vehicle will be more protected against all kinds of damages with the same.

So which is better?

Make a wise decision, depending on the love for your car; if you only see it as an equipment to reach places or is it for a full time and longer use? If you own a car that has a lesser value, you can always settle for third party insurance but if your car is brand new and costs a fortune, it is always best to go for comprehensive full cover car insurance as it securely insures your car against any kind of damage.

It will be a wise idea to opt for comprehensive full cover car insurance which is safe and covers all the damages; but at the same time costly hence you also have an option of opting for a different coverage while you renew your insurance policy. But if your car is old, so is the driver and there is not much value, opt for third party car insurance.

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  1. Apart from the love for the car (which I feel everyone does beyond one’s imagination) its the asset value which should become the primary criteria. Paying huge sums for a car bought for <1 lac from a third party doesnt really make sense. Nor does it really make sense to go for a third party insurance if you are driving Mercedes or BMW. Be judicious to see the requirement, outcome rather than blindly following someone.

  2. It’s a big deal for car owners to opt insurance for their cars. They have to choose between third party car insurance and full coverage car insurance. Third party car insurance covers damages caused by the car driver to third party only and it is suitable for cheap and old cars. On the other hand, full cover car insurance covers all damages caused to both the parties. It is best suited to expensive cars because of high premium.

  3. This is a basic cost versus benefit analysis. If your car is antique, then maybe parts are harder to find and then you feel you need comprehensive car insurance as well as third party. But if your car is newer, then parts may be very expensive and you need both as well.
    If I were buying insurance for my car, I’d want to err on the side of caution and get both. But it also depends how much you are willing to pay to insure your car, when you can be spending the money elsewhere. Or saving it to buy a new car that you really love 🙂

  4. There is no demarcated boundry that this insurance is good or that. One has to explore the various possibilities before choosing the one. Some points that help in decision making are the the value of the car and your budget. If you own a brand new car of high value and your pocket suits then comprehensive car insurance otherwise third party insurance is a good choice.

  5. Great article. Really explains the facts about an issue that rises quite a dilemma. Insurance of the car is the necessity, we all know that. However, it is up to us for which one we are going to decide. I think the fact to reconsider is which accident is more likely to happen and then we have to choose the corresponding insurance. A game of luck? Maybe.


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