Stock Recommendations for Nov 2016 – Free Stock Tips for Investment

Stock Recommendations for Nov 2016 – Free Stock Tips for Investment


Stock investment Recommendations for Nov 2016

We have listed few stocks for investment purpose. This list will be updated daily. Each web page contains recommended stocks for that month only. Stock recommendations for other months can be found here. are picked based on technical analysis.

Please maintain a 10% Stop-Loss for all the recommendations given here. The investment duration on each stock may last for few days to few months.

Sample Money Management for Stock investments :

Trading Capital : Rs. 5,00,000 (This is the capital you can afford to lose 100%)
Capital per stock : Rs. 10,000 only
Stop Loss : 10% (maximum loss per share Rs. 1000)
Exit Strategy : 20% (or Based on our recommendation published here)

Important : Never leverage your Capital. Do not use Margin from brokers for stock investments.

Maintain the proportions as you increase or decrease your trading capital.

Please post your comments and feedback for others to benefit from this strategy.

Stock Symbol
Entry Price
Current Price
Sell Details :
Company Name :
Market Cap
2 NovNTPC156.51647.54.79%NTPC Limited135062 Crores
3 NovMETKORE2.552.60.051.96%Metkore Alloys & Industries Ltd18 Crores
4 NovNDGL343.55673329.4595.90%Naga Dhunseri Group Ltd
5 NovAPOLSINHOT330763433131.21%Apollo Sindoori Hotels Ltd
8 NovTECHM454.15391.15-63-13.87%Tech Mahindra Ltd38146 Crores
21 NovENGINERSIN270.4162.9-107.5-39.76%Engineers India Limited10987 Crores
22 NovBGLOBAL5.76.40.712.28%Bharatiya Global Infomedia Ltd10 Crores
23 NovPFC126.95124.6-2.35-1.85%Power Finance Corporation Limited32959 Crores
24 NovTVSELECT125203.378.362.64%TVS Electronics Ltd (Merged)379 Crores
25 NovMCDHOLDING43.138.9-4.2-9.74%McDowell Holdings Ltd54 Crores
25 NovRUSHIL666.85835.05168.225.22%Rushil Decor Ltd1215 Crores
25 NovSUMEETINDS33.1534.551.44.22%Sumeet Industries Ltd201 Crores
25 NovTATAELXSI1243.251659.3416.0533.46%Tata Elxsi Limited5160 Crores
28 NovSHILPAMED674.05677.353.30.49%Shilpa Medicare Ltd5410 Crores
28 NovMRPL101.05123.1522.121.87%Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd.21549 Crores
28 NovSHREYANIND110.0517463.9558.11%Shreyans Industries Ltd239 Crores
28 NovPHOENIXLTD398.95518.3119.3529.92%Phoenix Mills Limited7938 Crores
28 NovAJMERA130.65202.571.8554.99%Ajmera Realty & Infra India Ltd717 Crores
28 NovBEARDSELL380.256.8-323.4-85.06%Beardsell Ltd158 Crores
28 NovBHAGERIA348.8320.05-28.75-8.24%Bhageria Industries Ltd504 Crores
28 NovCENTEXT6.74.9-1.8-26.87%Century Extrusions Limited39 Crores
28 NovCNOVAPETRO26.2532.76.4524.57%CIL Nova Petrochemicals Ltd90 Crores
28 NovDONEAR62.963.70.81.27%Donear Industries Ltd.331 Crores
28 NovEDL62.342.8-19.5-31.30%Empee Distilleries Limited86 Crores
28 NovELECTHERM177.95246.568.5538.52%Electrotherm (India) Ltd312 Crores
28 NovFORTIS183.45167.8-15.65-8.53%Fortis Healthcare Ltd8650 Crores
28 NovIFGLREFRAC170.1251.1581.0547.65%IFGL Refractories Ltd874 Crores
28 NovLML12.412.60.21.61%LML Limited103 Crores
28 NovNATIONALUM57.4570.412.9522.54%National Aluminium Company Limited13598 Crores
28 NovSOMICONVEY45.750.7510.94%Somi Conveyor Beltings Limited60 Crores
28 NovSUMMITSEC435.65670234.3553.79%Summit Securities Ltd730 Crores
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