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Stock Recommendations for FEB 2017 – Free Stock Tips for Investment

stocks for investments FEB 2017

Free Stock investment Recommendations for Feb 2017

We have listed few stocks for investment purpose. This list will be updated daily. Each web page contains recommended stocks for that month only. Stock recommendations for other months can be found here. are picked based on technical analysis.

Please maintain a 10% Stop-Loss for all the recommendations given here. The investment duration on each stock may last for few days to few months.

Should I Invest in Mutual Funds or Stocks?

Sample Money Management for Stock investments :

Trading Capital : Rs. 5,00,000 (This is the capital you can afford to lose 100%)
Capital per stock : Rs. 10,000 only
Stop Loss : 10% (maximum loss per share Rs. 1000)
Exit Strategy : 20% (or Based on our recommendation published here)

Important : Never leverage your Capital. Do not use Margin from brokers for stock investments.

Maintain the proportions as you increase or decrease your trading capital.

Please post your comments and feedback for others to benefit from this strategy.

How to Invest in Mutual Funds – For Beginners?

Stock Symbol
Entry Price
Current Price
Sell Details :
Company Name :
Market Cap
9 FebCINEVISTA8.511.5335.29%Cinevista Ltd66 Crores
9 FebCONTROLPR289445.1156.154.01%Sold on 13/2/17 SL HitControl Print Ltd727 Crores
9 FebKARURVYSYA93109.316.317.53%Karur Vysya Bank Ltd
9 FebRKDL12.315.052.7522.36%Weakness shownRavikumar Distilleries Limited
9 FebCOFFEEDAY210.9315.5104.649.60%Coffee Day Enterprises Ltd6665 Crores
9 FebMBECL73.466.25-7.15-9.74%McNally Bharat Engineering Company Ltd.380 Crores
9 FebKWALITY14886.35-61.65-41.66%Kwality Ltd2063 Crores
9 FebEASUNREYRL28.9516.75-12.2-42.14%Easun Reyrolle Ltd.52 Crores
9 FebRANEHOLDIN916.326001683.7183.75%Rane Holdings Ltd3711 Crores
10 FebGRASIM10141110969.47%Grasim Industries Ltd72883 Crores
10 FebORICONENT57.861.053.255.62%Oricon Enterprises Ltd959 Crores
10 FebALEMBICLTD41.160.819.747.93%Alembic Limited1624 Crores
10 FebUCALFUEL200.2526564.7532.33%Weakness shownUcal Fuel Systems Limited579 Crores
10 FebPKTEA192.9385192.199.59%Peria Karamalai Tea & Produce CompanyLtd119 Crores
10 FebAFL68.946.5-22.4-32.51%Accel Frontline Limited139 Crores
10 FebSTERLINBIO4.63.4-1.2-26.09%Sterling Biotech Limited94 Crores
10 FebPILITA14.914-0.9-6.04%Pil Italica Lifestyle Ltd329 Crores
10 FebRKFORGE427.45731.9304.4571.22%Ramkrishna Forgings Ltd2378 Crores
10 FebABIRLANUVO1479.151880400.8527.10%Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd24592 Crores
10 FebTV18BRDCST41.4556.515.0536.31%TV18 Broadcast Ltd9686 Crores
13 FebSKMEGGPROD78.380.92.63.32%SKM Egg Products Export (India) Ltd212 Crores
13 FebTCIFINANCE28.628.1-0.5-1.75%TCI Finance Ltd36 Crores
13 FebMANGLMCEM2983313311.07%Mangalam Cement Ltd.886 Crores
13 FebCANTABIL69128.9559.9586.88%Cantabil Retail India Limited212 Crores
13 FebAHLEAST2252906528.89%Asian Hotels East Ltd
13 FebWILLAMAGOR68.959930.0543.58%Williamson Magar and Co Ltd107 Crores
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