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Secrets of Making Money in Real Estate

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Secrets of Investing in Real estate

Though investing money in real estate may sound exciting, it is always better to know the underlying secrets for achieving success.

The secrets can be listed as :

  • Choosing the right location
  • Buying for future appreciation
  • Renting the property
  • Buying Commercial property

A careful analysis and framing of your objectives is essential to invest successfully in real estate domain.

These secrets are continuing in the market since years. You only need to harness it in right manner. For example, if a property is available for low cost, you are at advantage. But if that property is rumored to be haunted at night, then you won’t get a dime in future for the same property. So, be alert and implement the secrets attentively.

Property value must get appreciated

The property must be located in an area where developments are taking place. This help in the appreciation of the property as more people like to move in such developed areas. You need to analyze the area with respect to future advancements. For example, if an IT park is to be established within 5 years, then employees would like to rent or buy flat in that area.

Land is not an exception to the rule

Open plots can also be purchased in the current areas. As builders are trying to establish houses and commercial properties on large scale, the open land will be in greater demand in the future. You might have to wait for at ten to fifteen years as the development doesn’t occur in a flick.

Rent your property

You can even rent your property to bachelors or families. In this way, the property is also maintained. You get a stable monthly income in the form of rent. You can also adjust your EMIs in it if you have obtained home loan for buying the property. For example, if you are giving your house at rent of Rs.3000 per month, you earn Rs. 36000 annually. In addition, you do not have to pay for the cleaning or maintenance. But make sure that the tenants are reliable and will take good care of your house.

Location of the property

The property must be located in an easily accessible area. All the amenities such as schools, colleges, departmental stores, medical stores, hotels, jobs are in the close proximity of the location. The tenants and the future buyers always keep this in mind while analyzing the house. The property must not be located in sensitive areas like risky for women, thieves or earthquake-prone.

Renovating the property

For getting the best rent, you can add home improvements such as water storage facility, inverter backup, furniture and electrical appliances. If you are offering a full or semi-furnished flat, then you can charge higher rent.

Commercial property

In order to gain substantial profits, you can invest in commercial property. The rent received or the appreciated property is much higher than that of residential property.

Thus, if you follow the secrets of making money in real estate, you can earn a great deal of profits. Analyze the property, know your budget and forecast the future scenario of the area in which the property is located.

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  1. Income from real estate can be a fortune changer. Especially in urban areas where people are fighting for space, most of the un-developed areas beholds future potential for establishments, developments and commercial activities. Property is also the best way to invest your money since returns are unmatched compared to other means. And the income is quite steady and mostly the graph goes upward in terms of rent or returns. Every investor portfolio should keep a slot for real estate investment

  2. Investing in real estate provides us a great return on money and that too without making any immense efforts. However, it has its own level of risk, commitments and return on money. It can be a full-time job rather I would say more than a full-time job. I have met so many people, who solely depend on investing in real estate for their earnings. Long-Rental properties, short-term rentals, Vacation rental and numerous other ways can be used to make money through real Estate.

  3. I completely agree to the points described in the article. These are the secrets to earn money in real estate. One need to be cautious while buying a property and also while selling it. The history of the property and the localities as well should be known. These things like good neighborhood, nearness to the market,to a commercial place etc are essentials as described in the article. Also rental purpose is another way of continuous maintenance and earning a steady add-on income .

  4. While there are a number of ways to earn some extra income; investing in real estate stands no way out of the list. Many of us stay away from buying a property be it a land or an apartment, thinking that buying a property gushes out most of our earnings. The author of this article has clearly explained how investing in real estate can be a good source of income.

  5. Real estate being the highest paying investment attracts a lot of investors. Investing in real estate is comparatively easy than other avenues. The article perfectly elaborates certain key factors which are to be kept in mind before investing. Please check if all the required documents are available before purchasing, check for OC, check if the construction is legal, check if the land or property is not in any dispute, etc. These are some of the factors to be considered.

  6. I didn’t think there were any secrets left when it came to investing in real estate. There are so many books, courses and pieces of advice on the internet where people promise you riches through real estate investment.
    The real secret is to keep it simple. Check everything is above board and legal. Make sure you research what you are doing and all the requirements for taking the course of action you want to take.
    The K.I.S.S. principle – Keep It Simple, Silly!

  7. Although, real estate is a good sector to make money in, there are certain points to remember as mentioned above.Apart from them the current market fluctuations are too to be kept in mind.In case of properties, the location is the key.If the location is good, there can be many options as to rent it for office purpose where you can get a great deal of returns.

  8. Well written, this article very clearly outlines how to get ahead by owning real estate. More interesting was the information about the commercial property versus residential property. I had no idea this information was true. It would be interesting to know why this is true. Perhaps it has something to do with insurance or specific architecture.

  9. The increase in demand of residential as well as commercial space, there is a boom in the real estate. This can be advantage as well as disadvantage. Advantage in the sense that if you have a property in that area that is being developed, the price of the land or the plot is bound to increase. Disadvantage is when one has to buy in an increase rate. To invest in real estate patience is required in abundance.


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