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Secrets behind Credit Card Numbers

Credit Card Numbers

Logic behind credit card numbers

Have you ever thought about the logic behind credit card numbering? This numbering idea gives easy ways to identify & classify billions of transactions done every day.

Number on your credit card

Every number on your credit card has its own relevancy. Following are some interesting facts about credit card numbers.

Do you know that the first digit of a credit card will be always 3, 4, 5 or 6. It helps to you identify the card you have.

What does First Digit stand for

  • 3 – Entertainment or Travel card like American Express or Diners Club
  • 4 – Visa Cards
  • 5 – Master Cards
  • 6 – Discover Cards

The other numbers are usually used to identify other purposes depending upon the card issuer. In general the remaining numbers are grouped to identify the routing number of the bank and the user details. The secret about the last digit is that is a automatically generated special number upon a formula, which is used by the card issuer to find a fraud.

Each number after 1st digit have different meaning depending upon the card type.

It can give simple information like Country of origin, primary card or not, bank details.

By maintaining this kind of numbering system, the credit card issuers can easily produce statistical information about their customers including their spending style as well. The geographical information thus produced helps them to generate new cards to meet their specific customer needs.

The major players in the Credit card industry is Master Card and Visa Card. They have already tied up with Indian Banking industry to set up ATM and other Hi-Tech banking services.

In India, RuPay card is getting popular, but we haven’t been into the “credit card” segment.

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  1. Fabulous piece of information. We tend to use stuffs without noticing the associated nuances. Though practical implications of this information for a common man might not be too many except for remembering the type of card based on the above information. Getting more insights will prove to be of more help

  2. Our world is made up of numbers. There is always a logic behind number series. Most of the people do not pay any attention to this logic. This is one great article that helps us uncover the meaning behind the numbers on our credit cards. I never knew these numbers would carry such importance. Thanks for the amazing information.

  3. Brilliant. Superbly brilliant. I have been using credit cards for a while now and i never knew this at all. It is definately worth knowing. I completely agree with you Parul our world is made of numbers. If you use a credit card, this information is worth a read. It is very self explanatory and helpful. An answer to all your curoisities. Next time i get a new card i would be able to identify the secret behind these cards.

  4. Great work!! really, i never thought that the card number we use daily is of such importance and has been derived after such massive formulae calculations. One must know the details of everything they use and of course, credit card is the thing without which life would be very difficult these days
    It won’t be wrong to call it impossible without it.

  5. Now this is what is called information with the logic. Credit cards are becoming popular among people these days. We people usually ignore such complexities in the things which are a necessary part of our day to day life. Technology has made this world a much easier place to live in. Now see, normal plastic money (credit card) has so much in it. Each and every number has its own significance. Thumbs up! To the technology.

  6. Wow! That’s some info. Though we use our cards almost on a daily basis, very few of us know the meaning of all those numbers. I’m sure many think they are random. Nice to know the idea and rule behind them and that it also helps against fraud to a limit. A very informative article.

  7. A vary informative post that I have came across. Rather than hearing a lot about credit cards, its risks and the frauds related to it, this is the first time I am reading something useful about it. This is a very clear blog that can be used as a reference. Thanks, author!

  8. Credit card numbers carry such a vast information about us . These numbers are so confusing but it can be said that they carry our personal details given to the bank at the time of issuing the card. These numbers that we have taken for granted has some latent use. More information as to how these numbers are alloted was needed.

  9. The secrets behind the credit card numbers and they are revealed now. But, thank you for revealing these secrets as every person should know these minute things about the cards which we are using. Thanks for providing such beautiful information. The writer has done a commendable job. You deserve applause.


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