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Safe ATM Banking – Methods to make ATM Banking Safe

Safe ATM Banking

Safe ATM Banking. Things to note while doing ATM Banking

We love technology because it is one of the pioneers which have made our life so easy. Life has changed drastically after the advent of the internet. And one of the best technological inventions made which is used and appreciated throughout the world is ATM banking. No one had a thought even in the wildest of their dreams that they could access their money, check balances and deposit money from anywhere, everywhere, anytime and everytime. Go to a foreign country (say USA) and your ATM card can be used to withdraw money in US dollars while the same amount gets deducted in Rupees (at exchange rates). And the best part is it is so easy. Be it a person from affluent class or a small farmer from a village, ATM can be used easily by all.

However, technology is a two-faced phenomenon which has a good side and an evil side. It has no doubt made our life easy, but there are several issues as well. ATM is no exception to this rule. ATM banking is powerful but its power can be exploited to a great extent.  Its however not so difficult to ward off the risks associated with ATMs. Few simple steps can go a long way to maintain the security.

What is safe ATM banking?

Safe ATM banking is minimizing the exposure to the risks associated with it. It ensures the safety levels of all your banking activities which you get in the bank itself. Safe ATM banking also involves following few basic but important steps to protect the misuse of your card.

Risks with ATM banking

The risks with ATM banking are:

  • PIN leak: This is done by keeping a thin gel pad on number pad. When the customer enters the PIN, the imprints are captured on the gel pad.
  • Burglary: This is common when ATM machines are installed in dim lit areas, lax security, no CCTV cameras in place and remote locations like backyard of a bank.
  • Attacks: This is a common occurrence especially in the night or in absence of guard.

Things to note while doing ATM banking

  • Do not forget to cover the numerical pad with your other hand when you enter secret code at ATM
  • Make sure that the CCTV camera is not pointed towards the keypad.
  • Access ATM which is guarded by security personnel.
  • Do not access ATM centers in dim lit or remote areas.
  • If you feel something unusual on number pad of ATM machine, do not use it.
  • Do not allow anyone to enter while you use ATM.

The bank makes sure it leaves no stone unturned to secure the money of its customers. But we must not forget that it is our money as well and hence we have equal responsibility to take precautions. To conclude, practicing safety measures goes a long way to ensure that your money remains with you, literally!

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  1. ATMs are of great convenience but they can easily harm your safety if you are not careful. One can easily escape becoming a prey to the robbers, fraudsters and hackers by using their common sense.one of the basic safety tips, that should be followed by all, is to pay proper attention to the machine and the surroundings. 80 percent of the risk will be nullified if you pay close attention to the details.

  2. ATM banking is so commonplace it is not surprising bad spirited people see an opportunity for theft here. I have my card skimmed a couple of times and it wasn’t pleasant, I can’t afford to lose any of my hard-earned money.
    Luckily, these types of scams and ways to get to your money through ATMs are quickly and easily exposed most of the time.

  3. This is a very informative post in all aspects. It’s the time where ATM counters can be seen at each and every corner of the country ad even uneducated people are willing to do the transactions without hesitations. When an instrument is popularly used, frauds among those will also be higher!

  4. Any time banking has become a very common phenomena in our daily life. As the common saying goes prevention is always better than cure. So the rule applies in this case too rather than being sorry later. This ATM banking can be made safe by taking little precautions but what about looting these ATM machines?

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