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Pre and post hospitalization health insurance

Pre and post hospitalization

Pre and post hospitalization

A health insurance policy is designed to provide protection from the financial losses incurred if a person is ill. These cover pre-hospitalization and post hospitalization expenses.

Get a treatment by the doctor and you can see that although hospitalization is the most costly procedure but prior to hospitalization there are expenses like doctor’s fees, medications, tests etc and after the hospitalization there are routine check-up, medications, therapies which are money incentive. And that is why most health insurance policies these days cover the pre and post -hospitalization expenses up to some extent.

Pre-hospitalization expenses

Pre hospitalization expenses include the expenses incurred before the hospitalization takes place. These include the detailed analysis of the patient’s health by the series of tests and medical examinations. For example MRI, blood tests, X- ray, ultra sound, sonography,etc.

All the medical expenses pertaining to the same medical ailment within 30 days prior to the hospitalization are covered. Expenses occurred exceeding 30 days are deducted from the insured wealth. It is important to note that the ailment being treated must be covered in the policy then only one can ask for the reimbursement of the pre-hospitalisation expenses.

It should be borne in mind that all the expenses must be relevant to the medical procedure, only then they will be paid.

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Post-hospitalization expenses

After the hospitalization, doctor feels the need to check on the condition of the patient’s health by some tests, medications or checkups. At times, a patient is admitted after some time he is discharged. All these are health related expenses and are covered under the health insurance policy.

Thus, all the prescribed medical expenses incurred during period up to 60 days after hospitalization on the medical ailment being treated are covered under the policy.

Again, it should be understood that insurance company is not liable for any irrelevant expenses. For example, any expenses on the neuropathy, acupressure etc will not be paid.

These pre and post-medical expenses are very important to consider as they both involve a good amount of expense. Many insurers are providing coverage of 60 days post and 90 days pre hospitalization expenses.

To get the benefits, one needs to produce the bills and the medical prescriptions to the insurance company. Over the counter medical advice and general checkup is excluded as the seriousness of the health hazard is difficult to estimate by the insurance company.

Another point to be noted is that these expenses will be borne by insurance company if the medical treatment itself is eligible for the claim. Insurance companies don’t admiss the liability if the hospitalization doesn’t exceed 24 hours. But there are some treatments which are considered by insurance policy even if they don’t exceed 24 hours. All those treatments are listed in the insurance policy.

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  1. So to sum up: you need to be wary of costs that are incurred at any time during your hospitalisation. Often medical emergencies and procedures require a follow up, and I think that’s the cost that most people fail to remember. When you are having x-rays before seeing a doctor you always wonder “how much will this cost me?”
    But often when you are released from the doctor you forget there is a check up afterwards to see how your health is going!

  2. Health insurance is a must for every individual. With the rising costs in medical tests and treatments, insurance is a boon. As mentioned in the well explained article, one should be aware of the insurance coverage. One should approach the insurers within the stipulated time. Handle all the bills and prescriptions responsibly. Look into all aspects of the insurance carefully.

  3. This information is one of the best I have come across regarding policies. It’s a real Insurance policy that everyone prefers for. As far from human existence, there is no other asset found more than health! The benefits of the policy will prompt the people to choose any, because it is so much useful.

  4. Health insurance company covering pre and post hospitalisation cost is a boon to the insured. The many cost covered makes the insured mentally at ease. But the fine prints of such insurance policy should be noted carefully cause any point overlooked will be a problem for claiming the policy.


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