1. The path-breaking technologies in the world of banking are both a boon and a bane. One of the significant things that people forget is deleting the apps, especially the online banking apps, when they discard or sell their old cell phones. The cleaner your device is, lesser are the chances of fraudsters to get into your personal information. It is always advisable to move your online banking app to your micro-SD card instead of keeping it in your device storage.

  2. Each and everything has advantages and disadvantages(either good or bad).For example consider Mobile banking, which has more advantages in the same way persists disadvantages, so it is necessary to take precautions before using Mobile banking and it looks great in the above article which is explained clearly.

  3. I think there are a few checks and balances that banks could take to prevent fraud when your phone is lost and stolen. How about a different code for each transaction you process on your mobile? How about a passcode on the App you use through your mobile, and the app automatically logs out after a certain period of inactivity (about 5 mins)? These simple things can prevent others using your mobile banking for their own purposes.
    But the main point is to report anything to your bank when you misplace your mobile phone for any reason.

  4. Losing one’s mobile is quite common. So the first and the important thing is to inform the customer care of the bank to block the service. The idea of saving important password in smartphones is even quite common. In fact losing the mobile phone is a very difficult situation.

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