1. That’s True Rijal. Now Smart customers have become more cautious. They keep track of their ATM card and cash. Actually, now ATM Card Cum Debit card works as money. A customer’s potential responsibility depends mainly on the fact that how quickly the loss of the card is reported to the bank. And our banks have become friendlier too. They have the process to expedite the process.
    This article would definitely help confused Customers. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. ATM cards have become truly indispensable to our lives. In case, it gets lost we are into real trouble. Lot of steps need to be followed in order to abet loss of money from our accounts and also to reissue a new card. So, I believe before you start using an ATM card be aware of its safety norms and the steps to follow in case it gets lost to ward off any kinds of harassment.

  3. One should always be extremely careful about ATM cards. I would say that even more careful than one is regarding cash. This is because, the misuse of an ATM card can turn out to be more harmful than stolen cash. The above article gives you step-by-step instructions about what should be done in case you lose your ATM card. Great job Rijal!

  4. As you stated Rijal ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’, goes with almost everything in the real world. There are always two sides to everything : the good and the bad, the bad and the evil, pros and cons and so on. As important as the ATM cards are, they are equally risky if lost/stolen. And yes you are right. Thanks to the hackers and the hacking technique, every code can be cracked. Do ensure that you never write your ATM pin on your card at all and if you happen to loose it even by error, be pro-active in blocking it and it is really mandatory to activate mobile banking. That will help you understand even if a small amount is debited off your card without your knowledge.

  5. TECHNOLOGY COMES TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER BUT IT COMES WITH A FEE-so true lines of the article. In context to this , one needs to be very careful while using technology. As the article describes regarding the lost ATM cards,it very efficiently describes the steps that must be followed immediately, when the card is lost. Each and every point is a must read of this article and should be followed immediately if the same happens. An informative piece!!

  6. It’s such a pain to lose a bank card. Especially if that bank card is a credit card and can be used everywhere, even online.
    The most important thing is to notify your bank immediately. Otherwise any thefts can’t be covered easily. In the mean time, we have online banking while we wait for our replacement card.
    Every action has an equal and opposite reaction – even if the equal opposite reaction is just the pain of going through your bank statements and waiting for your new ATM card once it has been lost.

  7. ATM cards are nowadays used by almost all the people around the world. This article helped many people who worry about losing their ATM cards and then how to reissue it. It explains step by step as what to do when you lose your card and in an urgent need to block it.

  8. Almost everyone have an ATM card these days. Losing a card can be an ordeal if not plain scary. The writer has explained very well the steps needed to be taken in case of a loss. The customer care number of your bank should always be saved. Once you have blocked your card you don’t have to worry about hackers. And as always mentioned, never ever share your PIN number with anyone.

  9. ATM cards are helpful in carrying a huge amount of money with ease and safety. But in case if the card is lost, the card must be immediately blocked by informing the bank. Each bank provides its helpline number for the same and is 24 hours open. If any monetary loss occurs by the lapse of the holder, the bank is not liable to pay any loss. These cards must be carefully carried. The new card is issued by the concerned bank with a minor charge.

  10. Many of us will go dump when we lose a card! Once I encountered the situation and I had to go to my bank multiple times regarding the enquiry of this. Then I really wished as if there was an online resource/tutorial for lost cards. I am so glad that Mr Rijal did it!

  11. The first reaction after losing ATM cards is panic. But panic does not brings anything back. So to act wisely is to call up the customer service of the bank and inform it about the loss. The bank usually charges a nominal fee for this service and for replacement of the card.

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