1. The growing popularity of mobile banking has made the entire process constantly prone to various risks. The convenience of easy transactions has made it easier for hackers to steal sensitive information and misuse the same. The entire article is useful for the reason that it briefs about various ways of using mobile banking facilities and various points to remember. Most importantly, the best way to be safe and secure is to use your COMMON-SENSE while availing these facilities. Happy Banking!

  2. Mobile banking proves to be an another boon for humanity but apart from this one should not blindly carry out the transactions. I truly appreciate the risks and “not to pay a heed” things described in the article. This will definitely lead to awareness among the readers. It is our responsibility to be cautious for our transactions .Nevertheless, the evolution of mobile apps has brought a new story into the market,where you need not have an account even, to carry out your transactions. So it can be done with a little carefulness.

  3. Mobile banking has created a revolution in the banking world. People can now sit at their homes and operate their account. Mobile banking is safe unless you unnecessarily share your details everywhere. If you do that, then there are chances that criminals might hack into your bank account. If all the safety points mentioned in the article are followed strictly, then there is no need to worry about anything.

  4. Smart phone is common among the mobile users. So mobile banking has become a boon to the common man. No longer one has to travel far and stand in long que for banking transaction.Now a days mostly all the banks have their apps and downloading them on our mobiles makes our workload less as compared to the websites. The only disadvantage is that when the mobiles get misplaced. But in that case too one has to inform the concerned bank authority about the loss.

  5. Banking transaction through smartphones is not a good idea unless one does not have any other option available. There are lots of things that can happen , you could accidently store passwords and later somebody else with access to your phone could log in and whisk away your hard earned money. The worst possible scenario is if the phone gets lost or stolen , then irreparable damage might take place, action should be taken immediately.

  6. Mobile banking is an inevitable part of working with the bank. It´s easier and reachable every step of the way. There is no need to pay an actual visit to the bank when you can arrange everything over the phone. Behind mobile banking there are some of the strongest security programs, I think there´s no fear otherwise, they wouldn´t have offered the possibility of the app.


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