Guide for Stock Trading in India

Guidance for Trading in Shares

NSE & BSE (NIFTY & SENSEX Trading Guidance)

Simple guidelines for making money in share market. Following article will help you to trade successfully in Indian Stock markets

Manage your Emotions

Trading in Stock markets involves huge risk. Remember that it can even wash out your capital. Never try to take the risk which you are not comfortable with. As a stock trader, emotion is always your enemy.
Emotions can drive your thinking and it may deviate from wise decisions. Variable emotions during trading is one of the prime reason for most traders to fail in stock trading. In order to be a successful trader, you have to control your emotions.

For this, it is always best to reduce the risking money and limit it to your comfortable levels.

If you are getting sleepless nights for losing Rs.1000 on a trade, then it is advisable not to take the risk of more than Rs.1000. If a loss of upto Rs.500 is bearable to you, then risk up to Rs.500 only. In this way emotions will not drive your thinking and wise decisions can be taken to have profitable trades everyday.