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What is MPIN?

 Mobile banking Personal Identification Number


M-PIN stands for mobile banking personal identification number.

This pin is required to do IMPS (instant interbank electronic transfer done through mobile phones).  IMPS allows its customers to use mobile instruments for accessing bank accounts and remitting funds there from in a secured manner with immediate confirmation features.

Where can I get MPIN?

On registration for IMPS the bank issues its customers a seven digit code which is the MMID and a 4-digit password which is the M-Pin for doing fund transfer through mobile phones. M-pin has to be produced for mobile banking.

Protect your MPIN

The customers are requested to protect their M-pin for safety purposes.  Please ensure that the M-pin is not in a clear text any where in the network or system. For any reason the customer wants to change the M-PIN, he/she can either contact the bank or most of the bank will have the ‘change M-pin’ option in the mobile banking





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