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How to get health insurance for the aged?

health insurance for the aged

Health Insurance for the Aged

Insurance coverage is vital for senior citizens who are no longer employed but rely on their pension and the interest received from banks.

As aged citizens, medical emergencies often become a necessity and it can also put a huge financial burden if you have retired, and hence the only safe option is to opt for a health insurance plan.

If you are aged between 65 years and 80 years then you are eligible for a senior citizen health insurance plan.

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Getting a senior citizen Medical insurance

There are a variety of insurance companies that offer health insurance for senior citizens, however once you have crossed the age of 50 getting an insurance plan become increasingly difficult. Initially you will have to undergo certain medical examinations and tests which are to be funded by the insurer himself to get the insurance approved.

Premium and Tax Benefits

Sometimes you may become physically unfit for the medical insurance coverage and sometimes even if you are fit, getting a coverage that suits your needs may become tedious. But do not worry! No agency can impose a heavy premium to a senior citizen or deny them an insurance coverage. Once you get a senior citizen health insurance, you also enjoy certain tax benefits along with the same.

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What are covered in Health Insurance

Once you avail the health insurance for the elderly, you will be covered against hospital bills, special tests, medicinal expenses, ambulance charges and any pre-existing illnesses. Hence, investing in a senior citizen health insurance plan takes the burden off your shoulders and gives you peace of mind while you encounter any medical emergency or treatment.

Quality Treatment without worrying about Medical Bills

The insured senior citizen will get quality treatment without compromising on the heavy medical expenses and can avail the best medications and advice. With growing old age, medical expenses also get sky rocketed hence getting a health insurance coverage proves beneficial.

Important Points to check

  • Individual health coverage includes hospital bills, medical bills and various other expenses at a much lesser premium than family coverage plans.
  • Never select a plan based on premium rather look at a speedy claim settlement
  • Check if you can get additional covers and other adhoc expenses included into the plan
  • Always keep in mind to opt for a cashless facility
  • Look into packages that offer you a little something extra in terms of benefits.
  • Choose an insurance provider that offers you less paper work, less hassle and is customer friendly.
  • Select a provider that lets you avail tax benefits for the premium amount.
  • Check if the insurance provider offers portability policy to shift to another provider if you are not satisfactory.
  • Also getting a global coverage anywhere in the world will be an added bonus.
  • Check whether pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation costs are covered
  • Carefully read the exclusions and inclusions. This is very important, it is easy to ignore in the fine prints. Compare it with other insurance providers
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  1. Old age comes with a number of health problems and the rising cost of medical facilities has added to the problem. An unexpected medical emergency can lead to financial crisis, especially for retired people who live on their pensions. Hence, it becomes necessary for the senior citizens to take a health insurance policy, after due comparison, in order to cover their expenses during hard times. The points to keep in mind before taking a policy are mentioned in the above article.

  2. Getting health insurance for the senior citizens is an absolute necessity. In fact, more than anyone they need it more. There are several companies offering insurance to the senior citizens but before you opt for one try to find out their terms and conditions and also check their review. This is because there are many companies that might make fraudulent promises.

  3. Health insurance is a must for senior citizens, otherwise their younger family may be pushed into debt caring for their increased health needs.
    As you age your needs for attention to your health by professionals increases exponentially… so it’s important to cover that cost when there is no income. Even if there are certain costs involved for the younger family, it’s an investment that pays off in the long run. But as with an policy, make sure you do your research first!

  4. Not all insurance company are willing to take senior citizens into the benefit and that is unfair. This is absolutely important and necessary, they are just aged people that needs protection too even if they have to go to the doctor 4 times a month or they need twenty different types of medicines.

  5. Health insurance for ages insures the medical emergencies which are caused by old age. For this, a medical test of the applicant is done and even if he/ she is not fit, the insurance company cannot charge high premiums. Health coverage includes hospital bills, medical bills and all other expenses. Only after comparing different companies a plan must be taken into consideration.

  6. Health insurance for the aged, when all the major concern is the detorating health. This might be a problem but there are insurance company providing health care facility to senior citizens. At times it also includes a lot of extra benefits like tax exculsion, low premium , portability, global service. But the finer prints should not be ignored cause nothing comes free of cost.


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