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How to get a bridge loan?

Bridge Loan

Fundraising is like finding a producer for a movie that you are going to direct except that the business idea is your movie script and the investors are the producers. Bridge loan is a product of the environment where either the investors are scarce or the business is not a hit initially. Of all the loans available today in the market place, bridge loan is one of them. Bridge loans are the ones that come into the play when the company has exhausted its initial round of funding and waiting for the next round from the same investors or new investors.

What is Bridge Loan?

Bridge loan, just as the name indicates is the loan that bridges a financial gap between present and future. It helps run the company for the time being. The reasons for a bridge loan are plenty. One of the reasons can be that a company is awaiting further funding during which money is required to sustain the company.


Some of the features of a bridge loan are high interest rates, short loan term (anywhere between 2 months to 24 months), only the simple interest needs to be paid until the end of term during which the principal will be cleared of in lump sum basis.

Common Perception

Bridge loans are no more seen with a tinge of negativity. It’s become such a practice that a company entirely launches with the help of bridge loan awaiting its first round of funding. As against the past when the bridge loans were looked at as the final lease of life for a sinking company, now bridge loans are pretty much the primary funding for some companies.

Getting a Bridge Loan

There are a lot of options to get a bridge loan today as far as the entrepreneurs are concerned. The company in question can go to a bank for a bridge loan if it has a solid cash flow on a month on month basis. In other words the sales has to be a talking point to make the banks feel comfortable. The company can also get a bridge loan with the help of the future invoices. Atleast 70% to 80% of the value will be considered to be lent by the banks. The equity investors are another institution who can provide a bridge loan. They sanction a bridge loan against the stock purchase they will execute in the future.

In some cases, a bridge loan is a final attempt at reviving a company and in other cases it is the funding that is going to give birth to a company or an idea. A bridge loan is very different from the concept of funding though, it can be a straight forward loan for which the simple interest has to be paid monthly. Later on the principal must be returned at the tenure, which may vary between 2 months to 24 months.

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  1. It could be an option when an organization really needs money. Or they are in a situation where there is no cash flow or profit at hand. But in my opinion bridge loan should be the last resort. I wouldnt prefer taking a bridge loan if i were running an organization unless i reached a point where i didnt have any cash at hand and could arrange none as the interest rates are too high. When you are anyways struggling with finances, high interest rates would just add up to the liabilities.

  2. This kind of loan could save a sinking company as it specifically “bridges” the gap between the present and the future of a company.As detailed by the writer, those days have gone when Bridge loans were seen as a negative option.A new shade of Bridge loans has given its due place among the company owners.

  3. Definition of Bridge Loan is explained in the above content along with some of its features. There are few common perception and it explains step by step as how to get the bridge loan from the company. The principal has to be returned that sometimes vary from 2 months to 24 months.

  4. A self-explanatory term. Bridge loans are way of meeting your ideas to the goal. For some it might be the starting up of the business and for some the last nail of the sinking ship. The only disadvantage is the high rate of interest and the tenure is short.

  5. The high interest rate is the only problem I can see else there is no problem to get Bridge loan at such a point where company is about to shut down. This is something like a saving the sinking ship while it is very difficult to save a sinking ship.


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