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How to find the cheapest car insurance?

cheapest car insurance

Methods to find Cheapest Car Insurance

Car insurance is not always cheap it is expensive; the providers fix your premium amount depending on the type of car, your occupation, age of the car, your locality and where you park your car. But do not always succumb to their ways, read below to find the various methods which can be adopted to get the cheapest car insurance from insurance providers.

Switch to other providers upon renewal

If your policy is nearing the renewal date, make sure that you compare other providers and switch weeks ahead of the renewal date rather than waiting till the last moment and going forth with auto renewal. You might get cheaper deals if you just compare with other providers and get a good quote from them. Check points to note before taking car Insurance.

Cut down on extras

Go through your policy and check what all extras are included in it, each extra can build up on the premium amount. Some extras might already be covered in your travel insurance and other areas hence make sure you double check them and cut down extras if it is already included elsewhere in the policy. This can help you pay a lesser premium amount for your car insurance policy. Depending on the age of your car, check whether you need to go for Full cover or only Third Party insurance cover.

Protect no-claim bonus

A no-claim bonus helps you save money for your next policy year and earning you a discount on your premium amount. Do not claim for minor repairs everytime, this may lead to losing your No-claim Bonus.

Securing your car with alarm

Fitting an alarm or tracking device helps get you a discount in your policy. If you have them in your car, inform the providers in advance and earn your discount.

Mention your right job designation

What you do and where you work makes a huge impact while filling your car insurance policy. You must fill in your job title exactly as it is; for e.g: if you are a kitchen staff and write chef, your chances of paying a higher premium go up. If you are an office administrator and write office manager, you may end up paying a higher premium. Also if you are retired or a full time parent check that box instead of unemployed as it can save you from paying a higher premium. Be very honest while filling your job title, as it might help you get a cheap car insurance.

Add an experienced driver name

Add the name of a secondary driver to your insurance policy along with your name as well. Make sure he/she has a clean track record of driving as well as a no- claim history while adding to your insurance to ensure a cheap policy.

Pay your premiums upfront

Some insurance providers take an interest rate along with the premiums when spread throughout the year. If you pay the money upfront you can enjoy a small discount as well as escape from the interest rate.

Less miles covered is a bonus

If your car has covered fewer miles only in its annual mileage then it’s a saving and your premium cost may come down.

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  1. I know a lot of people who add an older driver to their car insurance policy because this brings down their premiums. Younger drivers tend to get in more accidents because they are less experienced, and so this is an easy way to bring down the premium. I have also heard that some young people put only the older experienced driver on their insurance policy, and neglect to add their details even though they are the main driver of the car – is there a way insurance providers can stop this or monitor this so they can avoid fraud?

  2. To find the cheapest may not be the best and the best might not be the cheapest. So the best alternative is to find a car insurance that suits your requirement or fits in with your needs. A lot of discrepancy does go in, but avoiding that cause insurance is a matter of safety and security.


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