1. Net banking security definitely is a priority. The market is flooded with smartphones and almost all mobile platforms have netbanking apps. The banks are making sure to create mutiple security layers to prevent any fraudulent activities. Also, small measures from the user side such as not saving passwords on phone or not using public network to perform banking activities will further enhance security

  2. Net banking provides people with the option to bypass the time-taking aspects of conventional banking and helps in easy management of funds in a more efficient way. But with ease comes potential limitations and risks. It becomes quite convenient for hackers and fraudsters to misuse sensitive information as people tend to become too careless. As mentioned above, it’s in the hands of the user to make herself/himself safe or prone!

  3. Indeed, Internet banking has made our life easy and convenient. We can manage our bank account with click and even through smartphones. But hackers and fraudsters have created a sense of insecurity in the mind of people as many cases of account hacking have come into light. However, with little care and awareness, users can stay away from becoming a prey to such hackers and fraudsters. Don’t save your password anywhere; memorize it. Don’t use public network of banking. Never share your password and authentication details with anybody.

  4. Net Banking/online money payment facilities/internet banking has made our life very convenient in a way but also full of risk and getting into frauds schemes or loot by an unknown hacker. People usually use internet banking for paying or transferring money or online shopping so that they can buy the products at low rates, get discount vouchers/coupons, but mostly people don’t think about the risks behind giving your account details on an online website. People are needed to get aware of this kind of frauds of hacking bank details. So that there earned money is not looted by an unknown person for just one mistake.
    Moreover people should use less online transactions, use cash on delivery system or if anyone want to transfer money then, can use bank website or go to the bank itself. People need be cautious about this till some good software or system of banning hackers are introduced in market.

  5. I personally know many people who are not comfortable with net banking for the reason of security. As pointed out in this article, 99% of security is in your hands. One should not handle bank accounts when on an open WIFI or in cyber cafes. Please do not share your password and other account details with anyone else. One should follow the instructions given by your bank. As mentioned by Ankita, banks should come up with reliable software or some other modes of security which would be able to beat online hackers.

  6. Net banking has its own pros and cons. The pros are used to one’s benefit and so the cons can be avoided. The cons like hacking of the account is quite common. To this problem the banks have installed security networks, they ask the clients to change the password after certain days. Net banking is a big no in internet cafes.


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