1. Share trading has been a source of income since a long time. There have been countless changes in the financial market over all these years. Many different types of shares, financial instruments have been developed which actually yeild high returns. Share market works mostly on speculations and know can be 100% sure of the market movements. This makes it a bit risky and makes a person think before investing. There are many strategies like hedging, arbitraging, derivatives, etc. which help to reduce risk. There are many financial experts available today to guide first timers. Share trading is indeed a good way to earn money and investing money in shares is not bad. It is risky but can give good returns if you collect sufficient information on market analysis and financial instruments.

  2. The share market is a one game. In spite of getting high returns share market has high risks of downfall. No doubt investing in share market is a way for quick and regular income. A person with a good knowledge of trading and has the ability to tolerate higher risks come in the way can go for share market.

  3. This is an awesome post that made me understand about stocks and trading .The examples of Nikhil and Janet seemed very impressive to me as it gave an easier means of understanding the core concepts. The blog was detailed and explanatory. No doubt this is a best one. Thanks author for choosing this write.

  4. Trading in shares require a lot of basic knowledge about the various companies, the risk factors, the various jaragoans associted with it. In all it is a complex financial jungle to a common layman like us. To play safe with the hard earned money it is always better to invest in FD’s. But the greed to earn a little more makes the share market look attractive to the layman.


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