1. As mentioned in the post, it is a wise decision to store a portion of one’s wealth in gold. Trading in gold as the price fluctuates can amplify your wealth. Also, it comes with ‘ease of sale’ tag. Gold ornaments, coins and bars, gold ETFs all are easily saleable. And the advantage of availing a loan against gold just makes the idea of investing in it, better.

  2. Each of us have a craze for gold; but lack an idea on which form of it can be more profitable ! I personally had an illusion that gold bars were the most profitable form of investing in gold. But after reading this article I have learnt that I should invest in Golf ETF and Gold funds to look for more profit.

  3. Which are the best of Gold investments?, What are the various option that are available for investments in Gold?- all these questions have been answered in this article. Indians love gold and they just need an excuse to buy it-whether on occasion or on any achievement. So after assessing various ways of investments in gold and weighing their various pro’s and con’s the conclusions is that Gold ETF’S and Gold Funds are the easiest, safest, more economical, and profitable and preferred among various alternatives.

  4. Gold is lovely! It is shiny and pretty. But also a good investment. It’s nice to know sometimes you have a bit of security hanging around your neck or on your fingers.
    But to invest in gold mining or extraction companies is just as secure. I don’t think anyone will ever lose their love for gold… throughout the ages it has been valuable and will never cease to have that value 🙂
    I can now add a few things to my asset list. Thanks for the advice!

  5. I agree that gold is a great investment against inflation. However, the buyer needs to ensure that they buy genuine gold bricks or coins. I’ve had quite a few friends who ended up buying coins without the hallmark and then faced a lot of issues in trying to resell them. Also, I think it’s best to avoid gold jewellery as an investment, because you end up paying so much more for the making charges. It’s really not worth it.

  6. I believe that Indian is too obsessed with Gold from the very former ages itself. Even the old generation teaches us to save in the form of gold , than to invest here and there as money. But a technical knowledge in investing in Gold will help a lot. Nice write author!

  7. Yes, I cannot resist the very thought of investing in gold. It is very tempting. Gold investment is prone to risk but it is preferred by a majority of the Indian population. With no llsted company for gold equity in Indian market, it is a safe buy to invest in physical gold.

  8. Investing in gold is always been a passion for any Indian. But investing in gold funds and gold ETF’s is a risky business. Moreover there is no Indian company dealing directly with it. This makes the scenario more perfect for investing directly in gold rather than gold ETF’s. Gold might have certain disadvantage but it is preferred choice of the masses.


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