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Swati Negi is a Senior officer of ICICI Bank. She is a post graduate in Finance and Banking operations. Swati is an enthusiastic writer and has been writing for various websites, magazines and newspapers. Her forte is financial blogs.
Asset Management Fees

What is Asset Management Fees?

Asset Management Fees is the remuneration paid to a professional manager by a client for handling his assets and trying to enhance the value...
Auto Sweep

What is Auto Sweep Facility?

Auto Sweep is a facility provided by the bank that link your Savings Bank account with the Fixed Deposits account. It ensures that any...
Underlying Assets

What are Underlying Assets?

Underlying Assets The price of a financial instrument called derivative is based on the price of another asset. These assets which help decide the price...
Liquid and Non Liquid Assets

Liquid and Non Liquid Assets

Liquid Assets Definition: Liquid Assets are those assets that can be converted into cash in a short period of time. Therefore these are also called quick...
Value Funds

What are Value Funds?

Value fund is a type of equity mutual fund. It is that fund which is at present deemed to be of less value but...
Growth Fund

What is a Growth Fund?

A growth fund is a type of mutual fund that seeks to give capital appreciation. There is diversified portfolio of stocks that gives capital...
Growth Assets

What are Growth Assets?

There is a very simple question, why do we invest in an asset? The answer is even simpler - “Growth”. This is first word that...
Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme

Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme

The very popular and widely accepted equity mutual fund scheme is RGESS i.e. Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme. It is one of the best...
Equity Mutual Fund

What is Equity Mutual Fund?

An Equity Mutual Fund, most commonly known as the stock fund is a fund that invests in the shares of an enterprise.  Unlike debt...

What is Hedging?

Before we move on to ‘hedging’, let’s have a little understanding of what is a “hedge”. In simple words, a hedge is a type...