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I am more of an extreme introvert in an ambivert equation. I have a clan of totally amazing people who I love, but solitude and me-time are in good equilibrium. I am not anti-social. I am just differently social. I often fail at talking and put my thoughts on papers instead. Hopefully, I find my voice through writing, and maybe one day I will be heard. You can reach out to me at
Asset Allocation Fund

What is an Asset Allocation Fund?

Since the financial market is volatile, we cannot risk all our investment in a single entity like bonds, equities or money markets. This is...
agricultural loans

What are Agricultural loans?

As the name suggests this loan is entirely for agricultural purposes. The loans availed by farmers for various farming activities are termed as agricultural...
Adjustable Rate Mortgage

What is Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)?

A type of mortgage where the interest rate that is to be paid on an outstanding balance changes periodically, in relation to an index...
Activity Ratios

What are Activity Ratios?

A business will have different types of assets and cash holdings. A financial analysis tool that is used to find how soon you can...
Accounting Measurement

What is Accounting Measurement?

Accounting Measurement is the method of combining the monetary, time based or any other measurable unit with the economic or financial activity of accounting. In simple...
Reinstatement Policy

What is Reinstatement Policy?

When we take up an insurance policy, whether it may be a health insurance, property or life insurance we are obliged to make periodic...
Rate of Return

What is Rate of Return?

The Rate of Return (ROR) can be described as the measure of profit. It is the percentage of profit gained over a sum of...
Net Operating Profit

What is Net Operating Profit?

Net Operating Profit Profit literally means the amount of money gained by the company. Similarly Net Operating Profit After Tax (NOPAT) or simply NOP is...
Financial Modeling

What is Financial Modeling?

Financial Modeling The financial representation of all or some of the aspects of a company’s future financial performance, based on their previous and current performances...
Combined Loan

What is a Combined Loan?

Consider a case where two separate loans are to be transacted between the same borrower and lender. This is mostly done in case of...