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Shubham Mishra

Shubham Mishra is an Actuarial Analyst at Mercer Consulting Services India Ltd. Being an actuarial science graduate, he has a very deep knowledge about each and every aspect of insurance market. He has published a few research papers on insurance topics in the magazines of reputed insurance institutions.
Fixed Deposit for Retired Citizens

Fixed Deposit for Retired Citizens – FD for Senior Citizen

Old age doesn’t only bring with itself a title of senior citizen. It is often accompanied with less responsibility, no income source and less...
Fixed deposit and Income Tax

Fixed deposit and Income Tax payment

What is the relationship between Fixed deposit and Income Tax payment ? Ask any investor about the investment and the first concern they will raise is...
FD for NRI

How to open fixed deposits for NRI? Opening FD for NRI

Everyone has heard of the concept of brain drain, intellectual minds of India working on foreign lands. But, according to us, this concept is...
Weather Insurance

What is Weather Insurance?

Insurance has peeped into every aspect of a human life and squeezed out any loss arising out of uncertainty, risk. Health can be managed,...
Group Personel Accident Insurance

Understanding Group Personel Accident Insurance

This morning you came to know that one of your employee was going by car to attend a meeting and met with an accident....
Gold Loan

Is Life Insurance a part of Investment

Life Insurance Ask about a life insurance policy from an agent and they will ask you to buy it for the love of the god....
Pre-existing Diseases

Common Pre-existing Diseases- Health Insurance

Ram took a health insurance policy for his father. While filling the proposal form, he witnessed a column asking about the pre-existing diseases. Since...
Day Care Hospitalization

What is Day Care Hospitalization? – Health Insurance

As a child, we were always taught about the virtues of saving time as life is all about being fast and efficient. Medicine and...
Pre and post hospitalization

Pre and post hospitalization health insurance

Pre and post hospitalization A health insurance policy is designed to provide protection from the financial losses incurred if a person is ill. These cover...
What is Fixed deposit?

What is Fixed deposit? How to open fixed deposits account?

What is Fixed deposit? Fixed deposit (FD) is a type of deposit offered by banks which gives its customers with a higher interest rate for this deposit,...