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Parul Mahajan is a Post Graduate in Gender Studies from Ambedkar University, Delhi and also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Daulat Ram College, Delhi University. She is the author of ““Warring Over Religion and Feminism”, a Masters level Dissertation. Parul has also interned with Vimochana, a Bangalore based women’s organization working on various women’s issues.
Zero Coupon Bond

What is a Zero Coupon Bond?

Zero Coupon Bond is a debt instrument that does not pay interest. This type of a bond is traded at a discount and renders...
Face Value of a Bond

What does Face Value of a Bond mean?

A bond is a fixed rate financial instrument i.e. the bondholder receives a fixed rate of interest. But the yield on a bond fluctuates...

What is an Indenture?

Definition An indenture is a legal contract between the issuer of bonds and the bondholders. This contract puts forward all the important features of a...
Rural Bank

What is a Rural Bank?

With the advent of the banking sector in India, Rural banking also came into existence. During the initial days, the Rural banks only focused...
Accounting Period

What does Accounting Period mean?

The time span for which the financial statements are prepared is called an Accounting Period. This period is usually a quarter or an year....
Priority Banking

What is Priority Banking?

Priority banking is a line of banking services that is provided to the customers who have been associated with the financial institution or bank...
Postal Order

What is a Postal Order?

A Postal Order is a type of a financial instrument which is meant to send money via a mail. It is to be purchased...
Portability in Insurance

What is Portability in Insurance?

Portability simply refers to the facility of transferring a health insurance policy from one insurance company to another. This concept was introduced by IRDA...
Plate Glass Policy

What is Plate Glass Policy?

Plate glass is used in various types of shops and businesses for show cases, store fronts and for several other commercial purposes. It is...
Pan Card

What is a PAN Card?

PAN refers to Permanent Account Number. This is a 10 digit alphanumeric number which is issued by the Income Tax Department of India. This...