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Gayathri Nair holds a Management degree in Finance and has previously worked Ernst & Young & ICICI Securities. Gayathri quit her job to concentrate in writing. She writes for many popular financial websites. Apart from finance she has indepth knowledge in Financial accounting and Oracle financials.
what is day trading

What is Day Trading? Risks in Day Trading

Monday – Friday from 9.15 Am to 3.30 Pm. Are you aware how much money you can make during this time period almost every...
make money from share market

Can I make money from share market?

Haven't you ever felt tempted to kickoff trading? Or does your mind say "No trading. You don’t want to part with your hard earned...
fundamental analysis of shares

Fundamental Analysis of Shares

Do you believe in luck? If yes, are you sure that you can always get lucky in share trading? If you still reply 'yes',...
Spot and Futures price

Relation between Spot and Futures price

For some people the stock market remains a world of unpredictable activities that they back off from it. But you can nail it by...
Speculation investing in share market

What is Speculation?

Speculation Speculation is an act of trading in shares (Buying or selling) in stock markets where the investor expects substantial gain, but also runs a...

What is Hedging? Hedging Stock trading

We know how volatile the stock markets are. A small sell-off can create panic and there by the share market plummets. Players in the...
Hedging and Speculation

Difference between Hedging and Speculation

Know more on Hedging and Speculation When an investor enters the share market, he does so with specific motive in mind. All of them want to make...
Stock index

What are Stock index futures and How to use them?

Stock index is the measurement of the value of a portion of the stock market. The most familiar names include NASDAQ, S&P Global 100,...
Protective Put

Protective Put – Method to Insure your Stocks Portfolio

Insurance is something that everyone likes to have in their lives. Now, you must be wondering why I mentioned about 'insurance' while the subject...

How Derivatives help in protecting one’s portfolio?

We often hear people say that the market is quite volatile. But share markets are not so risky to survive. To make the most...