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Ansheed Raheem writes about financial & scientific stuffs. Ansheed's area of interest includes bionics, genetics and cryo technology. He also find some time to star watch :)
InterBank Fund Transfer

What is InterBank Fund Transfer?

InterBank Fund Transfer Today it’s very important for an individual to have a bank account, because most of the transactions are done from bank to...
Interbank Electronic Transfers

What are Interbank Electronic Transfers?

Interbank means between banks and electronic transfer is for the fund transfer with help of a electronic network. Real Time Gross Settlement (RGTS), National...
Growth Capital

What is Growth Capital?

Growth Capital is a equity investment  which is used by big companies to expand their business. Here the investments comes from private equities either...
Foreign Banks in India

What is a Foreign Bank? Foreign Banks in India

India is a vast country with a lot of trade opportunities. Banks had a major contribution in India’s growth. Foreign banks, speaking about them...
Insurance Declared Value

What is Insurance Declared Value?

Insurance Declared Value also called as IDV is the value in vehicle insurance where this money will be paid by the insurer to insured if...
Insurance Renewal

Points to Check before Insurance Renewal

We all might be familiar with an insurance. Everyone knows that insurance does have a time period. Thus after the tenure of a policy, if...

Who is a Guarantor?

A guarantor is a person who guarantees for someone else debts or loans. This person will be responsible for the debt or loan took...
Growth Fund and Dividend Liquid Fund

What are Growth Fund and Dividend Liquid Fund?

Growth Fund and Dividend Liquid Fund If you are a mutual fund investor then these are the two terms that you must be familiar with....
Group Personal Accident Policy

What is Group Personal Accident Policy?

Group Personal Accident Policy If you are working on a Multi National Company, you might have heard about this term. Group Personal Accident Policy (GPA)...
Grants Fund

What are Grants Fund?

Grants Fund Grants are funds provided by an organization to a recipient. Here the organization can be a government, corporation, business firm, institution, foundation/trust or...