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Ann Maria Cleetus took her Masters degree in Journalism after her graduation in Communicative English. She is passionate in writing. Ann writes for online magazines, websites, blogs, press releases for clients, newspapers etc. Ann Maia Cleetus left Marcomm job to concentrate in Writing.
Stock Market

What is a Stock Market?

A Stock market or stock exchange is a place where stocks and bonds are traded or in simple terms bought and sold. Stock market...
Blue Chip Fund

What is a Blue Chip Fund?

Blue Chip Fund Blue Chip Fund is a mutual fund investment in Blue Chip Stocks, which are mainly from Blue Chip Companies (TCS, Infosys, HDFC...
Blue Chip Companies

What are Blue Chip Companies?

Blue Chip Companies Blue Chip companies are nationally recognized and well established companies with a steady earning and no extensive liabilities for potentially long periods...
Bank Loan

What is a Bank Loan?

Bank Loan Bank loan is an amount of money lend from the bank for a specific period of time as debt on a specific interest...
Bank Deposit

What is a Bank Deposit?

Bank Deposit Any deposit or amount of money by cash or cheque you place in the bank for safekeeping is called bank deposit. The bank...
Full Cover Comprehensive car insurance

What is full cover comprehensive car insurance?

Insurance for your car is the first and foremost important thing to do after buying a new car. Now that there are quite a...
Third Party Insurance

What is Third Party Insurance Coverage in Car Insurance?

An auto insurance or vehicle insurance is vital if you own a car, it is mandatory to ensure the safety of your own car...
Insurance claim Rejection

Step-by-step Methods to handle Insurance claim Rejection

The main reason why we take insurance is to ensure our financial protection, so even if we had to pay for the expenses at...
Insurance for Parcels

Insurance for Parcel Services – Methods for insuring Parcel

Insurance for parcel service Postal services are still in use and most often registered and important letters are still sending by post. Have there been...
Insurance for Malls

Is there any Insurance for Malls & Multiplex?

Why Insurance for Malls & Multiplex? It is very necessary to take insurance for Malls & Multiplex. Malls & Multiplexes are huge edifices that house...