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Ankita Patil is Commerce as well as a Law graduate from University of Mumbai. She is a qualified Company Secretary from ICSI, New Delhi.
Apply for a car loan

Who can apply for a car loan? Car Loan Eligibility

Can I Apply For A Car Loan? The banks have provided certain eligibility criteria for issuing car loans. You need to be in good employment, have income...
Car Loan

How to apply for a Car Loan? Car Loan Application procedure

You can apply for a car loan by approaching your bank. You can visit the sales office of the bank or call the banking...
Loan Rates

Who controls Loan Rates in India? RBI’s tools for interest rates

Loan Rates in India The banks issue loans to us with a significant component known as interest rate. An individual always takes this interest component...
Home Loan EMIs

How to reduce Home Loan EMIs? Methods to lower your EMI

Lower Home Loan EMIs You can surely reduce your home loan EMIs by analyzing your financial condition, performing calculations and seeking sufficient guidance. You have...
Joint Home Loan

What are the Benefits of Joint Home Loan?

You can consider of availing home loan by making a joint application. Benefits of Joint Home Loan Income tax benefits Home loan eligibility Ownership advantages. In these days, joint...
Joint Home Loan

What is a Joint Home Loan? How does it work?

Understanding More On Joint Home Loan If you have taken a decision of buying your dream home, you can even go for a joint home...
Secured Loan and Unsecured Loan

Difference between Secured Loan and Unsecured Loan

What is Secured Loan and Unsecured Loan? Basically, loans are divided into two categories, secured loan and unsecured loan. Loans which are to be issued...
Mutual Funds

5 Types of Popular Mutual Funds in India

There are different types of mutual funds available in Indian market. It is a difficult task for an investor to choose from the list....
Gold loan

Is gold loan safe as compared to other personal loans?

Gold loans are safe and better option as compared to personal loans. Gold loans are more advantageous than personal loans with respect to interest...
OverDraft facility

What is OverDraft facility? How to use it wisely?

Overdraft facility is issued to the customers facing financial emergency. It helps in raising short-term funds. If overdraft facility is used wisely, then your...